In-Person Courses

Learn how to cut, color & style the Rëzo way in one of our in-person courses. With courses being offered in locations across the globe, there's no reason not to take your skills to the next level!

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Level 1 Certification

On the first day of our training, our stylists are introduced to the Rëzo Cut. We explain in detail our Rose Technique, mastering the art of creating volume and flawlessly blending textures together.

On the second day, stylists are introduced to our Rëzo Lites method. By developing an understanding on how to safely and properly highlight textured hair you will be able to create a unified look your clients will love!

Rëzo Cut Advanced Training

Level 2 Certification

This two day Rëzo Cut intensive focuses on the power of concaving, elevating curls and creating maximum volume on all lengths and textures. We dive deep into understanding which Rëzo techniques to apply to the different textures and much more. Students must have successfully completed our Level 1 Rëzo Cut certification before moving to Level 2.

We will trained you in 4 rëzocuts. From long to Short to our Classic Rëzo!!!
As well of mastering the rose elevation on air and the C technique.

Mastering The Art Of Rëzo

Level 3 Certification

The Art of Creating Volume with Transitioning Hair.

This course focuses on working with all types of damaged curl types in transition. Our stylists learn our signature method of reviving lifeless, straight pieces of hair and turning them back into healthy, curls. Level 3 stylists must have qualified to take this certification by successfully completing our Level 1 and 2 courses and received approval to move ahead in their Rëzo training.

Please note at this time Level 3 Certification is on an invite only basis.