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What is Rëzo Academy

Rëzo Academy opened in 2016 with the goal of prioritizing textured hair education in the industry. Rëzo’s curl-specific cut and color courses follow a four phase class structure and provide training on cutting, coloring and styling techniques for all curly hair textures. Stylists are provided with an in-depth education on topics including texture, density, hydration, moisture, drying methods, and the craft of diffusion, and receive an official Rëzo Certification upon course completion.

In 2017, Nubia began touring her in-demand masterclasses around the world, and today, there are over 100 Rëzo certified salons globally.


This method of cutting curly hair is for the masses! When I say the method creates geometric shapes; high quality looks. I highly recommend this to anyone that’s looking into cutting curly hair. Looking forward to great things in my career of cutting curly hair!

- Shawna B.

I am inspired and refreshed to be a part of the Rezo team! This brand is built on genuine beauty through passion, education and the power of your own individual story.

- Vanessa P.

The Advance Rëzo Cut class was a game-changer! The class felt personable, she went the extra mile to make sure we were all doing the rezo cut correctly. I walked away with an even bigger found love for curly hair and the motivation that I needed. I am growing an even bigger curly clientele than ever before. Thank you, Nubia and the Rezo Academy.

- Jessa

Learning the Rëzo cut and Rëzo lights has changed my life regarding hairdressing! Everything Nubia taught spoke to my soul and I am inspired again to show everyone that they can love and embrace what they were born with. Cannot wait to level up and take more education in the future!

- Samantha H.

“You will absolutely fall in love with the Rezo curly hair cutting techniques. You will also fall in love with Nubia and her dedicated staff; they have gone above and beyond ensuring that I understand the techniques and concepts helping me move forward with confidence and assurance..”

- R. Sanders

Stylist Finder

A rëzo Certified Stylist has been trained in our curl-specific cut and or color courses. From level 1 rëzo Cut Pro’s to our highest certified rëzo Lites colorists, you’re bound to find a stylist who will pamper and care for your unique curls.