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About Our Team


It's All About The Curls!

rëzo was founded in 2018 by master hairstylist and curl specialist, Nubia RËZO  The brand was conceived with the goal of empowering the curl community, celebrating textured hair and promoting healthy hair habits, all through expert curl education and product knowledge.

Nubia RËZO is a New York based master stylist, educator and go-to curl expert, with 40 years of experience in the hair industry. Sought after for her innovative approach to curly haircutting, Nubia possesses a strong passion and deep appreciation for curly hair care. Her extensive experience and pioneering approach has resulted in a long and notable career, making her one of the most in- demand and highly regarded stylists and educators for curly hair globally.

Born and raised in Colombia, Nubia moved to the US in 1975, before training with leading educators at Goldwell, L’Oreal, Wella, Vidal Sassoon, DevaCurl, Ouidad, Aveda, Paul Sebastian, and Mazella & Palmer.

By 2011, Nubia had developed her signature Rëzo Cut. Furthering her passion for expert curl education and product knowledge, Nubia opened the rëzo Academy in 2016 to train stylists on her cutting and coloring techniques. She began touring her in-demand masterclasses around the world in 2017 and launched the rëzo brand in 2018.

The Rëzo Cut was developed in 2011 and has since taken the curly hair world by storm, helping to reignite the love of curly hair for tens of thousands of men and women worldwide. Nubia RËZO has travelled all around the world to train stylists on her rëzoCut and rëzoLites techniques, and today, there are over 100 rëzo certified salons globally.

rëzo launched its namesake line of plant-based haircare products in 2019. The products are 100% vegan, cruelty free, sulfate and paraben-free, and specially formulated for all textured hair types.

In February 2020, rëzo opened its flagship salon location on Madison Avenue in New York City.


Meet Our Global Education Team



Sara Safwat is the official Rëzo Master Educator in the Middle East with an incredible amount of experience and the perfect skills for working with natural hair. She is the pioneer of embracing natural curls in the Middle East as she started the first salon for textured hair there! Sara has trained her team in understanding the true meaning of giving women and men confidence in their hair. She consistently strived in learning and educating so that all her clients are provided with consistent high level expertise. Sara is not only concerned with giving haircuts, she has helped people of all genders and ages as a community embrace their hair with pride. Her goal is to ensure that natural hair is loved and appreciated in the Middle East region.

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Joy is the Owner of Joyola Mei, a natural hair care and service brand focused on infusing love and luxe into wavy, curly, and coily hair textures. She began her journey in the beauty industry nearly 14 years ago as a natural hair stylist and is currently an Elite hair stylist at a local beauty salon in Metro Detroit, Michigan.
As a stylist and even longer as a client, the most important thing she has always tried to find is a safe space, a place where beauty standards are not projected, and where the salon values mirror her own. A safe space is why Joy shows up behind the chair each day.
We at the rëzo Academy are beyond excited to have Joy join us sharing her rëzo knowledge, and expertise as one of our Amazing educators! 💖

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In 2004 while searching for career fulfillment, Hayley kept getting the advice “make your hobby your job.” While a career as a bonsai gardener seemed extremely unlikely, the notion stuck in Hayley’s head. One day while gardening, Hayley had an epiphany; she’d enjoy shaping hair as much as she enjoyed shaping bonsai trees! Hayley left her corporate job, enrolled in cosmetology school full time, entered the salon work force, began specializing in curls in 2011 and never looked back. Now, as a Rëzo curl artist, Hayley delights in combining her love of bonsai and curls! For Hayley, crafting balance and shape by cutting “Rëzo roses” and “little trees” into beautiful curls doesn’t feel like work, it is a joy. Hayley is committed to ongoing education and proudly holds licenses as Master Cosmetologist and Instructor in North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. 

We at the rëzo Academy are beyond thrilled to have Hayley join the team!!

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Our Master rëzo lites educator Tina brings an abundance of experience to Rëzo in the form of many stylized skill sets. In addition to being an award winning colorist, Tina has a strong focus on not only being an educator but, a mentor to those seeking to share her industry based passions. These days it’s the “Curly Girl Culture” of Rëzo and helping influence the spread of it’s specialized techniques and applications that has Tina exuding an abundance of enthusiasm. For Tina Rëzo is more than just a haircut it’s a way of bringing people of all backgrounds and diversities together and unifying a sisterhood of women who all share the common bond of “Life with Curls”. Please make sure you Follow her journey here on IG and turn on those Post Notifications to be the first to see her latest work. If you have any questions at all, you should always feel free to DM Tina or just drop them below in the comment section and start engaging with one of Rëzo’s finest!

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Suzette Sporksdele

Hi, I'm Suzette!
In 2011 I moved from Curaçao to the Netherlands. Once I arrived in the beautiful north, I couldn't find a hairdresser anywhere who could handle my coily hair.
Because of my great passion for curls, which by the way is due to my own hair, I started a hairdressing course and opened my own salon. I was very eager to learn more about Curls. That's why I have taken the Rëzo Cut classes to help others to love and embrace their curls.
I have mastered this technique and can now proudly announce that I'm officially and educator for Rëzo Academy!

We at the Academy are super excited to have Suzette join the Academy team! @curacurls



Ellie Lebron

Ellie began her career in 2009 after graduating from the Aveda school of technology. After 5 years into her career, and embracing her own children’s textured hair, she decided she wanted to focus on the curly community.
Working as a senior colorist, session stylist and educator.
Ellie’s approach is with intention and geniality based on her clients personal needs. 💖
We at the rëzo academy are beyond happy to have Ellie join our team! ✨