How To Properly Wash Curly Hair

When it comes to washing your client’s curly hair, making some small changes to the wash technique can make a huge difference!

First, let's start with the shampoo!

  • Drench your clients curls in water. Really spend some time soaking them, removing buildup, and separating as many curls as possible to ensure the water saturates the hair.
  • After 3-5 minutes of just water, then apply the shampoo and scrub it on the scalp, NOT the hair.
  • After thoroughly cleansing and massaging the scalp, now begin to detangle with your fingers the curls, adding a wet brush and gently raking out the curls depending on the volume desired.

Next, it's conditioning time!

  • Take some time to ensure you have rinsed and scrubbed the shampoo out of your clients curls and scalp. You don’t want to create buildup by leaving cleanser behind.
  • After the cleanser is fully rinsed, repeat the scrubbing process on the scalp, then the curls with the conditioner.
  • Once those steps are complete, rinse and rake your clients hair until the water runs clear and nothing is left.

More cleansing tips:

  • Use circular motions at the roots rather than at the top layer to prevent creating tangles.
  • Save most of the detangling for when the conditioner is applied. Conditioning not only provides moisture to the hair, but it makes detangling much easier!
  •  Follow up your clients wash with the Rëzo Towel to help speed up the drying process while cutting down on the frizz.



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