The Do’s and Don’ts of Diffusing

If you are a stylist who works with curls, then you’ve more than likely used a diffuser once or twice. Diffusing can cut down on drying time, pump up curl volume, eliminate frizz, and more. Basically, if you use heat to dry your clients curls, you 100% need a diffuser in your salon.

We’ve put together these top do’s and don’ts so you can get the most out of diffusing your clients curls!


DO use the diffuser on the coolest setting. As curly stylists, we all know that heat isn’t the best for our clients hair. Using a blow dryer on the coolest setting cuts down on damage and can help seal the hair cuticle; which boosts shine and locks in the natural curl pattern. If you need to speed things up and must use heat, make sure to put it on the lowest speed setting.

DON’T diffuse your client’s curls soaking wet. After applying some styling products and scrunching with a microfiber towel (like the Rëzo Towel), then go in with a diffuser to finish drying the curls and depending on what your client is looking for, to also add some extra volume.

DO diffuse the roots. Drying the roots can be a struggle and is often the part of the hair that takes the longest to dry. That’s why we created the Rëzo Diffuser. Our diffuser looks ordinary enough, except it’s actually made with super durable, strong materials to allow it to take any amount of heat without losing its shape. It also is flexible for a reason; we built it in a way where you can move it around the hair and adjust the direction easily without having to move your arm in hard to hold ways! 

DON’T move the diffuser around a lot. Before moving the diffuser to the next section of curls, make sure the current section is 100% dry. Moving the diffuser around too much can cause frizz and nobody wants frizz!

DO diffuse in an upward direction. Instead of just blow-drying the traditional way, have your client flip their curls forward and diffuse in an upwards motions. This creates amazing volume. Once you’re almost done drying your client, massage their curls at the roots with a drop of our Rëzo Curl Manifest serum for even more body!

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