How To Properly Shake Out Your Client’s Curls

Shaking out your client’s curls is our finishing touch to any Rëzo Cut! When you properly “shake out'' your client, it gives their curls some extra volume and allows the hairs to separate and gain the definition the client seeks.

Here are a few tips on how to finish off your client’s Rëzo Cut and achieve maximum volume through shaking out your clients’ curls!

  1. Make sure your client’s hair is 100% dry. Curls can’t achieve their full volume and definition without being fully dry. Start by pumping 1 drop of our Rëzo Hair Care Serum to break up the cast created by your styling products. The Serum also hydrates and adds a beautiful shine to their curls. Then, by hand, separate and finger coil any curls that have clumped together to maximize the volume.
  2. Flip your client’s head upside down. Put one hand on each of their temples and slide your hands up into their hair. Shake your hands side to side to open up the curls. Don’t be afraid, you won't hurt anything, we promise! Then, place one hand at the nape of your client’s neck and shake forward until you are at the top of their head. After this, put your hands at their front hairline, slide them up and shake side to side. This is what we call the #rëzoshake !
  3. After you finish shaking with your hands, have them flip their head side to side and then flip their head back. Now all you have to do is make any final edits with your shears if needed and they are camera ready!

Be sure to tag #rëzoshake on social media so we can repost your work!

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