How To Revive Damaged Curls

First of all, it’s super important to recognize the signs of damage or you won’t be able to bring your client’s curls back. Ask them: Is your hair shedding or breaking more than usual? Are your curls harder to style? Are there more frizz and flyaways? Have you lost definition? Well, here’s how to help them fix that! 

Moisture! Moisture! Moisture!
A good deep condition is the simplest way to bring your clients curls back onto the right path. This is a great way to hydrate and repair. Even when their hair is at its healthiest, moisturizing is always important to keeping your curls happy and healthy!


Always Recommend Quality ​​Products
Believe it or not, styling products have a huge effect on the overall health of curly hair. Try suggesting that they mix moisturizing and hydrating products into their routine. Our favorite is our super hydrating Rëzo Serum. The bottle lasts forever because you only need a teardrop amount to cover your clients entire head of curls! Yup, only a teardrop! 


Make Sure They Step Away From The Heat Tools
Once those curls are brought back to life you need to ensure your client is constantly taking care of them. Doing weekly treatments, moisturizing, and staying away from tools like the straightener, will help to keep those curls bouncing! 

Recommend "Curly Check-ins”
We always tell our #curlycommunity : “on a daily basis, evaluate which products you used and how your hair looks and feels because of them”. We also recommend even taking photos to help determine which products, treatments and styling techniques are working best for their specific curl type!

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